wScreenshot - the ultimative screenshot application!
wScreenshot   the ultimative screenshot application!
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paper-clipNora-avatarWell, basically wScreenshot is a little screenshot program coded by me (Benjamin Bleher) on request of a friend.

It's a very comfortable program for people making many screenshots of their desktop or windows or stuff and wanting them to show to others.
It too is very suitable for people who need screenshots for their presentations.
If you use the upload method, the link to the uploaded screenshot will be automatically put into the clipboard, which makes it very easy to show it to friends or to use screenshots in forums or on webpages. Screenshots can also be saved lokal to a file, that is more suitable for presentations.

Files can be named numerating starting by zero, or by date, width and height and so on.

  • Multimonitor-support

  • Copy screenshot in your clipboard and paste it anywhere

  • Hotkeys, for even faster screenshots and uploads

  • Trayicon

  • Transparency of the window changeable

  • Filenamegenerator, with the help of date/time and the count of already taken screenshots manually changeable

  • A simple click on wScreenshot will make a screenshot of the stuff behind the window.

  • Allscreenshot-Button: A screenshot of all screens will be made

  • Fullscreenshot-Button: A screenshot of the screen the program is actually located will be made

  • Upload-Button: The screenshot which was taken last will be uploaded to the selected FTP and the link to the http-address will be put into your clipboard

  • Free-FTP-space: Free FTP-space, if you dont already own one

  • Save-Button: Last token screenshot, will be saved to a file in the wScreenshot directory

  • Paste an image from the clipboard into the program

  • Copy an image from wScreenshot into the clipboard and then reuse it

  • Picture files can be dropped in the program and uploaded through one click or resaved in the pictureformat you've chosen

  • Autoupdatefunction / manual updating through a button so you are always uptodate

  • Selectionscreenshot, kinda like the windows fileselectiontool - various types of this, pretty cool

  • Windowscreenshot, window under the mouse will be screenshotted with a configurable button

  • x64 support

  • vMan ( Stickman ), who will help you in the options

  • Multilanguage (currently German and English)

Screenshot of wScreenshot program:
after Upload-button:

Screenshots of the Optionmenu:


got ideas / bugs / feedback? Contact me in the forum or via mail/ICQ/IRC

have fun ;)

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paper-clipYo viri maaan

Sorry i forgot my password to this forum ^^ but i found it :P and i had IRC problems <.<

Anyways whats up my man ? <- witing for reply on IRC ^^

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