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paper-clipNora-avatarChangelog for v0.1.3.0 ^^


  • In Windows-7/Vista with Aero turned off there seemed to be a problem taking screenshots, some texts or buttons etc were missing when using tools like the red box
  • The control-selection-tool didn't save its key like 'Left Mouse' to take a screenshot


  • Old red selectionstool that works better for non-aero users and for remote desktop/vpc/vmware, you can access it with alt+white-button(turns red)

    Please note that the new red selectiontool (red box) works better for multimonitor users

Thanks for the bug-report (wScreenshot v0.1.2.9 Bugs)

news by: Nora 06.12.09 - [ 17:05:05 ]

paper-clipNora-avatarAs I often loose track (forget) what I want to put in and what I already implemented in the debug-version I hereby decided to put it already on the site and just change it when its released then ^^

  • Backgroundcolor changes now apply to the new so called "White Button" ^^and is used in its function as backgroundcolor.

  • Backchanges now apply to all the buttons in the main-form as well

  • With the Hotkey-Manager-update there came a new bug that made it not possible to save the custom hotkeys, to be more specific, it saved the hotkeys, but couldn't load them anymore ^^

  • Dropping multilanguage support, as I am catching myself with more and more english software rather than german, I decided to stop releasing in german language. I dislike the idea of localising software, everyone should be able to read english ;<

news by: Nora 04.12.09 - [ 00:12:18 ]

paper-clipNora-avatarSo the minimum system requirement is now to have this framework installed ;)

Maybe I`ll switch to WPF someday :S

news by: Nora 03.12.09 - [ 10:20:29 ]

paper-clipNora-avatarToday I added a new tool that resembles the Windows- 7 / Vista "Snipping-Tool"

It's the white button and I call it ( as creative as I am ) Selectionscreenshot3.

Also i rewrote the hotkey manager, so its easier for me so save/load em and easier for you to set / edit them (added a record-function)

thats it for todays update ;)

news by: Nora 02.12.09 - [ 18:13:16 ]

paper-clipNora-avatarYo :)

I evolved the hotkeys from hotkeys to a hotkey-manager, which means, you can now change the hotkeys to what you want.


news by: Nora 10.11.09 - [ 09:51:09 ]

paper-clipNora-avatarWell it seems like that updates work normally again, I don't know why it didn't work, I didn't change the servers code nor any Windows settings,...

just to let you know that everything is fine once again ;)

news by: Nora 08.11.09 - [ 22:43:01 ]

paper-clipNora-avatarHi ^^
The Hotkey Alt+4 still addressed the old Selectiontool-function which was doing non-performance-improved screenshots, this was bad for people using Windows XP and multiple monitors.
and this is now: Fixed :)

Thanks goes to Thomas T. for the bug-report

Have a nice day!

news by: Nora 08.11.09 - [ 22:29:24 ]

  • Perfoemance for multimonitor users
  • Window-resizing, you can now resize to the left/up too

good day

news by: Nora 20.08.09 - [ 15:17:52 ]

  • New feature! When you hit left control key, and press "Copy to clipboard" it will run msPaint where you can edit the Picture, if you then save it and quit mspaint, the changed picture will be loaded back into wScreenshot and then be ready for upload! :)

good day

news by: Nora 15.07.09 - [ 17:09:20 ]

paper-clipNora-avatarI forgot what I did in the v0.1.2.1 ^^ sorry

but here:

  • New looks! Check it out! Be sure to change the BackColor in the options to your taste :).
    Design change for options menu, Imageviewr and ImageAppender will follow

To keep remembering the good ol style:




And the new style for comparison:




I personally prefer 20% transparency and the black color ;)

good day

news by: Nora 07.07.09 - [ 19:59:21 ]