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wScreenshot   the ultimative screenshot application!
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  • Bug that prevented to load transparency images correctly


news by: Nora 07.03.11 - [ 19:22:55 ]

paper-clipNora-avatarYo, I must have fixed some more things, I've seen, that I somehow forgot to post an update text for v0.1.3.8 and v0.1.3.9
  • Drop files into wScreenshot might crash wScreenshot
  • Autopaste lets wScreenshot crash


news by: Nora 02.02.11 - [ 17:03:00 ]

paper-clipNora-avatarAnyone knows why i tried to save a bmp stream into a png container?

news by: Nora 16.08.10 - [ 19:28:21 ]

paper-clipNora-avatarImagebanana changed their upload method, wScreenshot is now again able to upload there ;)

news by: Nora 16.08.10 - [ 18:34:32 ]

paper-clipNora-avatarYo, new version, I don't remember whats new though ;P it's new! It's cool! ;)

Have fun!

news by: Nora 27.07.10 - [ 17:04:04 ]


I just noticed that in every news post I wrote a smiley :D this combo shall continue

news by: Nora 29.05.10 - [ 09:13:48 ]

  • If you click on the upload done notification the link to the uploaded screenshot will be opened in your browser
  • If you click on the saving done notification the explorer will be run with the file selected
  • You can now drop *.tga files into wScreenshot


news by: Nora 14.02.10 - [ 12:14:03 ]

paper-clipNora-avatarFirst of all I want to apologize to the people who are trying to update from v0.1.3.2 to anything greater than that,... I made a major error in that release in the updater, if it doesn't work for you, please download the update from here:

news by: Nora 07.01.10 - [ 14:45:06 ]


  • Proxy support, for example for people that use wScreenshot in their company and can only connect to the outer world(internet) through a proxy, wScreenshot supports now default/custom proxys


Thats it

news by: Nora 08.12.09 - [ 15:11:03 ]

  • Quality setting for JPEG screenshots/images can now be changed in the options

Thats it

news by: Nora 07.12.09 - [ 22:12:06 ]