wScreenshot - the ultimative screenshot application!
wScreenshot   the ultimative screenshot application!
get latest version (v0.1.5.3)
  • A small bug with the background. If you change back from plain window to screenshot window it will now not result in the buttons transparency to fail.

  • Transparency settings of the window will now be saved.

  • Imageappender can now have negative margin values, so if you try to manually shot a whole webpage by scrolling the images can now overlap each other.

hear from me soon

news by: benneh 28.02.09 - [ 17:01:23 ]

paper-clipbenneh-avatarNow I can say I have completed my work on the homepage and moved it to the new server ( I deleted the old page ), well,... I actually can't say I completed it, everybody knows that a homepage is an ever evolving thing, but finally I found some time for that, yay \o/

good day ;)

news by: benneh 19.02.09 - [ 12:36:38 ]

paper-clipbenneh-avatar2 Updates today, wow :)

After changing some routines in the config system and language system, a new problem with the automatic update at startup had appeared, manual update still works for v0.1.1.0, but no automatic update,... but now its fixed, so versions >=v0.1.1.1 are again capable of automatical updates ;)

thanks for the report and good day :)

news by: benneh 28.01.09 - [ 22:18:23 ]

paper-clipbenneh-avatarJust a minor bugfix, if you dragged a .gif file with transparent parts in it and wanted to upload it, it threw an exception,... Fixed.

Nice day to ya all

news by: benneh 28.01.09 - [ 19:44:26 ]

paper-clipbenneh-avatarToday I added the changelog to the site, for now its empty, but there is info on how it works :)

Check it out: Updates


news by: benneh 27.01.09 - [ 00:38:19 ]

paper-clipbenneh-avatarI just want to tell you how i thought i'd do this.

wScreenshot started as a little program, and increased its functionality over time, as time flows by a friend told me to add versioning to the tool, so I added versioning.
It started with the version v0.0.0.1 then, since then, everytime there was an update in the program it increased by one, then again and again and so on, but I have no changelog of those, but I want to start that now.

Currently the version of wScreenshot stands at v0.1.0.9, thats 108 updates so far since versioning, I think its incredible :).

That to be told,... good day ;)

news by: benneh 27.01.09 - [ 00:35:10 ]

paper-clipbenneh-avatarDear wScreenshot users,

I'm glad to present you this new homepage and I hope that you can help me making wScreenshot the program. :)


news by: benneh 24.01.09 - [ 22:20:08 ]