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paper-clipbenneh-avatarAs you may have noticed, the automatic update of wScreenshot doesn't work these days, I just noticed it. As it seems, it's a conflict with Windows7.

A few weeks ago I upgraded to Windows7, started my wUpdateserver and thought everything is fine,... until today.

Today I experimented alot with the Windows7 firewall and network to find the solution, but I can't find anything.

So for now until the issue is solved the automatical update is dead ;(

have a nice day :)

news by: benneh 16.06.09 - [ 20:03:12 ]

  • In the screenshotting tool ( for example the red box ) you can now hold down the left control-key ( after the click ) to shoot multiple screenshots, if you have "Automatically save" checked then it will save them all, if not, then it will take the last to the main window

    pretty neat :)

greetings :D

news by: benneh 16.06.09 - [ 13:56:23 ]

  • You can now select your own other Path you want to save your screenshots at in the options menu :), I finally found some empty space after reorganizing the options menu where I can put this feature


news by: benneh 16.06.09 - [ 13:10:44 ]


Cleaned up some codegarbage, haha


news by: benneh 29.05.09 - [ 17:20:44 ]

paper-clipbenneh-avatarJust now i bought a new domain name, you may guess what it is ;),...

yes, you are right, it's so finally wScreenshot gets its own domain that resembles(haha) its name, of course will still work too.

I hope it gets on soon ^^

news by: benneh 28.05.09 - [ 17:15:22 ]

  • Paste pictures with ctrl+v now

  • Copy the picture with ctrl+c now

  • FTP-Connectivity check button

  • A checkbox where you can decide if the actual screenshot will be put automatically to clipboard or not

  • Rearranged the options menu since the additional features couldnt be added like that, so I moved the FTP-stuff to an extra page

  • The support for the free imagehost, since the upload doesnt work anymore, so I'm searching for a good, free and fast new host at the moment.

yoo, thats it :)

news by: benneh 28.05.09 - [ 15:45:43 ]

  • The update v0.1.1.4 brought a bug with it,... if no subfolder was selected, then it couldnt save anymore. Fixed ;)

news by: benneh 15.05.09 - [ 13:12:17 ]

  • The new feature suggested here: Auto upload, brought a new bug with itself.
    It was automatically uploading the picture in wScreenshot when wScreenshot was being started.
    That should not be the case ;)

Have a nice Day

news by: benneh 16.04.09 - [ 15:03:08 ]

  • Upload-method improved

  • Variable filenames got better, it now includes $pcname and you can for example add variable subfolders with it like: "{0}\{1},$pcname,$anz" would result that screenshots uploaded from your compuer would be uploaded in a subfolder like ftp://blabla.da/yourcompuer/count.png, of course this also applies to saving pictures

  • Drag&Drop to wScreenshot accepts now more different picture files.

thats it ;) bb

news by: benneh 08.04.09 - [ 19:18:16 ]


  • Somehow i messed up with the settings file, i tested it and its fixed now.

  • Dragging of some pictures onto the wScreenshot program didn't work

news by: benneh 07.04.09 - [ 21:09:03 ]